Frequently Asked
Questions and Answers
Q.  Do you require a deposit?
A $20.00 document fee will be collected when Lessee schedules a rental (This fee is applied towards and part of the rental).  
This can be paid by credit card (Visa, Master Card, Discover, or American Express) since all bookings are done by phone only.  
There are no refunds to this fee but fee is transferable to a rescheduled date (based on availability).  Dawn to Dusk Inflatables
LLC will reschedule the rental with the Lessee at no extra cost.   Also note, depending on destination of product (over 30 miles
from Edmond, OK), Dawn to Dusk Inflatables LLC charges a delivery fee.  If Lessee cancels with Dawn to Dusk Inflatables LLC
when we arrive on location there is a 50.00 deposit and/or the delivery fee (if applicable) due at that time.  On commercial events
such as schools, churches, Businesses, government agencies, daycares, home owners associations, and purchase orders the
$20.00 document fee is not collected but full amount is due at set up.

Q.  How do I pay?
We currently accept American Express, Cash, Business Check, Discover, Visa, and Master Card.  A $30.00 service fee will be
charged for all returned checks.   Payment is Due at Delivery and the rental agreement is signed at delivery.

Q.  What if I need to cancel?
There is a  $50.00deposit if we are not given a 48 hour notice, if the inflatable is in route of delivery, or if it is already delivered.  
Please give us as much notice as possible.  If the weather is bad (rain, high wind, lightning) the day of the event, we will be glad
to reschedule.  The $20.00 document fee is not refundable but transferable to a rescheduled date (based on availability).

Q.  What type of power is required?
The units require a 110v electrical outlet.  If you don't have an outlet, we have a generator for a minimal fee.

Q.  Are the units clean?
Each unit is vacuumed and disinfected after every rental.  

Q.  How far away does the electrical outlet need to be?
50 feet but not more than 100 feet.

Q.  What is your wind policy?  
We watch the wind and we will not set up if the winds are over the limit of the unit you rented.  Most units are 25 mph but there are
some that are 15 mph.  We will call if winds are up to 25 mph.  We want to think about the safety of the children first. Note we will
go house to house and check on the wind when we are delivering, however, once a red flag wind advisory is posted we are
closed (even if the wind is NOT blowing).  We remain closed on wind advisory postings until the advisory is lifted.

Q. Can I give the driver a tip?
Tipping is not expected but greatly appreciated.

Q.  What should the children wear?
Socks are required!  Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes are
recommended (Nylon-type pants are fast on the slides).  Zippers,
hooks, glasses, and jewelry are not allowed as they may scratch the inflatables.

Q.  What should my guests bring to the party?
They should bring a pair of socks.

As of 2013 please note:
Silly String, Food, Drinks, Confetti, Water
These are things that are not allowed near the units.  If Dawn to Dusk Inflatables receives an inflatable back and we have to deal
with any of these elements (especially Silly String), Dawn to Dusk Inflatables will charge a cleaning fee at a minimum of $30.00
per hour.  Foods, Drinks, Confetti are items that are cleanable.  In further focus on Silly String; there are events where Dawn to
Dusk Inflatables has to replace parts of inflatables due to damaging effects due to Silly String.  Lessee agrees to receive the
repair bill on this damage.  There are two exceptions to this clause:
1.        Water is allowed near water inflatables.
2.        Grass, dirt, or dust is OK as well, Dawn to Dusk Inflatables LLC cleans this no extra charge (But please watch for mud).

NOTE: This was added due to the recent history of Silly String, Goodie Bag Toys, Confetti, Soft Drinks, Juice Packs, jewelry, and
more.  Keep in mind we do the best we can to deliver a clean product.  But if we work together the units stay even cleaner for the
safety and health of your children.